Kevder restaurant is a part of project Restaurant week

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We proudly present the menu for the Restaurant week : https://vivi.si/gostilna/kevder/ 

Foodies warmly welcome to try the interesting menu :)

Natural protected area by UNESCO

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Close to Ljubljana which is the green capital of a green country, lays suburbian village Brezovica. Hotel Pok is in the centre of the village from where you can start a trip into the nature, forest or lakeside whatever suits you better. It is the place where the oldest bike in the world was found so maybe it is the best way to explore it - on the bike. Sincd we do it every day we can offer you consulting in to which direction is better to go according to your wishes and physical conditition. One of the best atractions is Ljubljanica river http://www.ljubljanskobarje.si/en/tourism/natural-treasures

Honest, local, fresh - Kevder

Martinovanje Kevder Photo Dean Dubokovic in Nejc Pernek 104

The location of Hotel Pok and restaurant inserted in wine cellar Kevder is right in the centre of Slovenia which helps us to reach all the best suppliers fast. Years and years of exploring the sources of food give us chance to get the best of the best what Slovenia can offer and belive us it is amazing. We take our time and take from nature what is giving us and share it with our guests. Chefs are very experienced so they prepare you unbeliveable food for the guests. Our wish is that you trust us and we take you to the journey of pleasure in taste.


We belive that wine is food for the soul and that is why it has to be high quality. In our wine cellar Kevder we are offering only selected wines from best slovenian and foreign wineries. In our house only a big famous brand does not mean much, we belive what is inside of the bottle matters. Kevder has 300 years of tradition of storing the large amounts of wine so the wine feels good in there, same as the people who drink it.




Wine tasting


We organise local wine tastings every month and we are proud to say they are quite an experinence. Sommelier Robert takes care that wine is on hightest level and invites guest wine makers to introduce their wine to our guests. Please write us to info@pripoku.com if you are interested to experience the tasting.