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How Hotel Pok transforms your events into unforgettable experiences?

Planning a successful business or personal event involves much more than just choosing a venue and setting a date.

It’s about creating an experience that leaves a lasting impression on attendees, fosters connections, and achieves the event’s objectives.

Hotel Pok, just a few steps away from the hustle and bustle of the city, offers complete comfort, privacy, and flexibility in our newly renovated spaces for business events and meetings.

In addition to organizing small or large events tailored to your needs, we offer excellent culinary experiences, additional activities, accommodation options for your guests, and free parking for 50 vehicles or a bus.

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Hotel Pok - an idyllic venue for a business or personal event.

Hotel Pok offers a comprehensive range of services for your business or personal event.

From standalone event spaces and state-of-the-art technology to exquisite culinary services and professional event planning support.

Self-contained house for business events

It boasts all necessary technical equipment, has its own bar, and terrace and has access to a spacious lawn. It offers many layout options, plenty of natural light, and also allows complete darkening of the space, making it an exceptional space for meetings, lectures, training and other events.

State-of-the-art technological infrastructure

Our facilities are equipped with the latest audiovisual equipment, high-speed internet access, and advanced presentation technology to ensure seamless communication and engagement during your event. You have access to:

  • projector,
  • smart link,
  • projection screen,
  • sound system,
  • LAN and wireless internet,
  • flip-chart board,
  • whiteboard.


You can choose from various layout options and thus customize the space according to your wishes and requirements.

Expert event planning support

With meticulous attention to detail and organizational support, we ensure that every aspect of your event exceeds your expectations and leaves a lasting impression on your attendees.

Exquisite culinary services

Enhance your event with our exceptional culinary services, offering an enticing array of culinary delights prepared by our experienced chefs.

Kulinarična ponudba
Kulinarična ponudba notranjost

Why choose Hotel Pok for your next event

1. Hospitality

Our dedicated team ensures that every guest feels valued and well taken care of during their visit. With a friendly welcome and thoughtful gesture, we exceed expectations and create unforgettable experiences for our guests.

2. Excellent Geographic Location

We are in the heart of Slovenia, making us easily accessible and convenient for guests from all corners of the country. Additionally, we are close to the highway exit, facilitating accessibility for those arriving by car.

Our location is also well-connected to the city bus network, allowing easy access to the hotel for those traveling by public transport.

This excellent geographic location not only facilitates travel for our guests but also contributes to their comfort and convenience during their visit to Hotel Pok.

3. Relaxed Environment

Hotel Pok welcomes you to a relaxed environment where you can enjoy peace and comfort.

Surrounded by an abundance of natural light streaming through large windows, we create a bright and pleasant atmosphere indoors. Nestled amidst meadows, offering a sense of freshness and openness, guests can unwind and connect with nature.

Furthermore, we invite you to relax on our charming terrace, where you can bask in the fresh air and enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

The relaxed environment at Hotel Pok is ideal for those seeking refuge from the city bustle and wishing to spend time in nature in a comfortable and hospitable setting.

4. Private Parking

Hotel Pok offers an extensive private parking area, ensuring comfortable and secure parking for all our guests.

Our large parking lot is designed to accommodate numerous vehicles, including cars, vans, and buses.

Guests have plenty of space for parking, facilitating their arrival and enabling a worry-free stay at Hotel Pok.

With our spacious and well-lit parking lot, guests can enjoy all our services and experiences without worrying about parking.

Space for Team Building or Picnics on the Homestead Meadow

Thanks to the extensive grassy area, combined with a standalone cottage, you have all the necessary infrastructure for organizing daytime or evening events. This versatile space is perfect for various groups and activities, providing a creative and dynamic environment for your team.

Depending on your needs, the number of guests can be adjusted, allowing you to plan the event according to your preferences and expectations. In the Pok restaurant, you can enjoy a rich selection of food and drinks that will satisfy the tastes of all your event participants.

Whether it’s relaxation or fun, the space for team-building events or picnics on the homestead meadow is the ideal choice for an unforgettable experience and strengthening relationships among your colleagues or guests.

Otroška igrala

Glazed pavilion and terrace for presentations and gatherings

In the bright glass-enclosed pavilion and on the spacious sunny terrace with open and covered areas, we organize small banquets, celebrations, meetings with journalists, and various presentations.

Our glass-enclosed pavilion can accommodate up to 40 guests, providing an intimate and comfortable environment for various events. The terrace offers the option to enjoy the sun or shade, depending on the preferences and needs of your event.

Regardless of the weather, we ensure a pleasant and comfortable environment for your guests.

Notranjost paviljona

Our hotel restaurant Pok, offers a full range of dishes and drinks that will satisfy even the most discerning tastes. Our culinary masters prepare delicious meals from fresh and high-quality ingredients that will delight your guests.

The bright and glass-enclosed pavilion and spacious terrace are the ideal spaces for hosting your event, where your guests can relax, enjoy food and drinks, and connect in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

Accommodation Options

In our hotel, we offer comfortable and modernly equipped rooms that will provide you with a relaxing and pleasant stay. Each room is designed with comfort and functionality in mind, allowing you to enjoy your stay worry-free.

Our rooms are furnished with comfortable beds and quality linens to ensure a good night’s sleep. Additionally, you’ll find modern and functional furniture that allows you to relax and feel at home.

Each room also has its own bathroom, equipped with a shower or bathtub and all the necessary toiletries. This way, you can start each day fresh and ready for new adventures

Book your next business or personal event at Hotel Pok and ensure an unforgettable experience

Book your business or personal event at Hotel Pok today and guarantee an unforgettable experience for yourself and your guests.

Our exceptional team is ready to fulfill your wishes and take care of every detail of your event, whether it’s a business meeting, conference, team-building, or other corporate event.

With a diverse range of venues, quality cuisine, and professional support in the organization, we ensure a seamless and successful execution of your event.

Don’t delay any longer – get in touch with us and reserve the date for your next business or personal event at Hotel Pok today!

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